When completing your rating please keep the following guiding definitions in mind:


Acceptance: To what extent does the art space embrace differences and diversity in people or groups of people?  E.g. How welcoming are staff? Do you feel welcome and are people respectful/kind, are the washrooms labelled/addressed in manner that is inclusive of all gender identities?

Accessibility: To what extent can the art space be accessed by all? E.g. Is there a Pay What You Can Option? Can the space be accessed by wheelchair? Are materials plurilingual?

Decentralization: To what extent is the planning and decision making (re)distributed or delegated away from a central authority.

Decolonizing: To what extent does the space work to decolonize and embody reconciliation? E.g. does it acknowledge the Indigenous land it occupies?

Diversity: To what extent does the art space employ, show, and support a diverse range of lived experiences?

Equity: To what extent are the same opportunities available and rewarded fairly?

Horizontality: To what extent is the art space’s power distributed equitably? E.g. Is there a space to provide anonymous feedback? Is there a Code of Conduct or Harassment Policy?

Intersectionality: To what extent does the art space reflect how identities intersect in varying complex ways.

Transparency: How easy is it for outsiders to observe how actions are informed and performed? E.g. How the art space is managed/curated/juried?

Transversality: To what extent does the art space directly empower those who are under-resourced or under-estimated? E.g. How well does the space resolve conflict like cultural misappropriation?



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