Dare-Dare aims to explore, question and develop the practices, spaces and modes of dissemination of contemporary art and contribute to its democratization and accessibility.

DARE-DARE supports research and promotes the involvement of artists with innovative practices, whether they are at the beginning of their careers or more experienced. The artist-run centre has a strong interest in exploring and diversifying design processes, forms of expression and modes of presentation of works and artistic interventions in diverse spaces not traditionally dedicated to art.

The artist-run centre encourages collaboration with various cultural and/or community organizations as well as with partners from non-arts backgrounds.

DARE-DARE aims to promote education, understanding and appreciation of contemporary art at a local, national and international level. This is done through the full spectrum of its activities: research, creation, production, dissemination, documentation, publishing, workshops, artists’ talks and forums for reflection. Within the artistic community, DARE-DARE aims to be an essential point of research, experimentation and expertise in the art of intervention in the public space, while being a flexible and welcoming place of reference for:

– Generate a production context that is favourable to the development and implementation of exploratory, daring and critical projects;

– Fostering the links between artistic practice, public space and social and civic engagement;

– Mediate with the general public to present various forms of intervention practices in the social space;

– Support artists and facilitate the process of obtaining the necessary authorizations and permits for their project;

– To be a meeting point, a forum for dialogue, debate and exchange between various artistic and other disciplines;

– To be a place of learning, meeting and networking for emerging and more experienced artists;

– Encourage and support promising artists with little professional dissemination experience;

– To be an open, inviting, welcoming, friendly and inclusive space: everyone is welcome;

– Provide artists and theorists with professional and equitable reception conditions in accordance with CARFAC scales;

– To offer varied and alternative platforms for reflection and critical spaces, where serious, rigorous and action-oriented intellectual initiatives are encouraged;

– Strengthen ties between members of the arts community.