Galerie Galerie aims to support artists in digital and web art, promote production, dissemination and democratization of digital and web art in all its forms. It also aims to demystify the web as a collective creative space accessible to all, both creators and audiences and to promote access to online art by providing a travelling and inclusive platform, encourage the presence of marginalized communities as creative agents on the Web, and break stereotypes about digital and web art practices by taking a stand on the artistic and monetary value attributed to them.

Since 2016, Galerie Galerie has been adapting to current creative challenges in order to offer emerging and professional artists a fully Web-based artistic production and distribution environment, notably via an online art platform and various digital communication tools. Each year, the organization presents a series of online exhibitions, gives digital and Web creation workshops to diverse audiences, is involved in the organization of mediation events called “IRL” (“In Real Life”) including a digital art auction and participates in various special projects in collaboration with multiple partners.

Galerie Galerie is motivated by feminist and queer values and encourages the work of artists from all walks of life and dissident critical perspectives.

Core values are :

– To promote online art online;
– To support and legitimize so-called “non-institutional” practices and reflections;
– To crush stereotypes related to immateriality and sub-categorization of digital and web art practices;
– To encourage and participate in the transposition and extension of traditional media to the Web environment.