Dazibao is a centre dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary image-based practices. Favouring projects advancing experimentation, research and reflection, Dazibao questions the discourses, uses and modes of presentation of image practices – photography, video and film – by presenting exhibitions, video programs, films, public works, books and complementary events. Dazibao collaborates with many artists, curators, academics, critics, researchers and has several recurring partnerships with related organizations.

Dazibao’s activities are open to all and free.

Since its inception in 1980, Dazibao has organised more than 400 events: exhibitions, performances, launches, readings, conferences, concerts, guided tours, meetings with the artists, and, more recently, numerous collaborations with artistic organisations from here and abroad. The centre is a site for exchange and research, a gallery, a publisher and an archival information centre.