CIRCA Art Actuel is an artist-run center that supports experimentation and innovation. His mission is to disseminate the works of artists in contemporary art, all generations combined, who place the sculptural object at the heart of their approach. The Center supports projects that are as much in the spirit of a traditional practice of sculpture as those that develop hybrid sculptural and installation forms, arising from contact with other mediums such as drawing, print, photography, digital or painting. All this testifies to a strong will to participate in the support and development of sculptural and installation practices, in a spirit of openness and renewal.

CIRCA offers a variety of conferences, round tables, exchanges and events, in order to raise public awareness of current art, mobilize its artistic community, share the knowledge of each and contribute to the advancement of research and creation. In addition to its dissemination mandate, the Center advocates a line of conduct centered on the artist, hence the signature adopted by its members of placing “The Artist at the Center”, that is to say at the center of concerns, activities and community. In this regard, CIRCA is committed to the member artist by organizing five to seven networking and studio visits, offering diversified expertise to support artists in their careers and developing projects for the benefit of the artist. artist outside the walls.